Evict Trump Kusher

If you attack our community, you should not profit off of our community.

Who are we boycotting?

We will boycott the retail space at new Trump-Kushner development, Trump Bay Street, leaving it empty and valueless.

We ask our Mayor and our City Council to make an unbreakable commitment:

No tax breaks for Donald Trump or Jared Kushner’s real estate companies until they fully divest from their real estate holdings and stop attacking our city.

5 Ways Donald Trump and Jared Kushner are
profiting off Jersey City

  1. Jared Kushner’s company, Kushner Companies, will soon ask our Mayor and City Council for 30-year tax breaks for their proposed developments at 1 Journal Square and 30 Journal Square.
  2. Trump and Kushner are both profiting off their joint venture at Trump Bay Street. Recently opened, that property has a 19,000 square foot retail space that is not yet occupied.
  3. Kushner Companies is building 2,916 luxury apartments and 0 affordable apartments while anticipating millions in profits.
  4. Kushner Companies prevents their security and maintenance workers from joining unions, reaping greater profits by denying living wages and job security to these hard-working employees.
  5. Donald Trump and Jared Kushner financially benefit from these actions because have failed to divest from their companies. They and their families to continue to profit off their brand names and real estate assets.


One Journal Square

1,725 Luxury Units
0 Affordable Apartments
No Union

30 Journal Square

741 Luxury Units
0 Affordable Apartments
No Union

Trump Bay Street (65 Bay St)

447 Luxury Units
0 Affordable Apartments
No Union

Events and Actions

  • Organizing Meeting

    • Wednesday, April 19th @ 6:30 PM
    • LITM - 140 Newark Ave, Jersey City 07302